High quality publications combined with powerful circulation methods and affordable rates to provide advertisers an outstanding return on their advertising investment.

Readership Response

A Community News Survey Indicated: 76% of readers had called an advertiser within the past 30 days. 57% of readers had purchased from an advertiser within the past 30 days. The survey response was consistent and continuous throughout a 13 week time period with a peak of response between weeks six and ten.

Quality Publications

Specializing in news that appeals to a general audience, Huneke Publications, Inc. emphasizes public service articles covering a broad variety of feature news and local events that relate directly to the readers. Positive local interest stories, entertainment highlights, and current event articles give our publications their friendly personality and "Good News" appeal.

Voluntary Circulation

Our publications use a combination of online subscription, direct mail, home delivery, and voluntary circulation methods. Voluntary refers to a circulation method where readers "voluntarily" choose to pick up a publication to read. This method is powerful because locations are carefully chosen and newsstands are monitored for 100% pick up. Community News has developed a network of over 600 convenient locations including every major chain supermarket. Our voluntary method is powerful for four reasons:
    A voluntary reader is an interested reader, actively outside of the home, in stores, seeking information about the community.
    100% pick up assures no wasted papers, every paper reaches an interested reader, yielding a full value for the entire print run.
    Every print run reaches a unique group of readers because the majority of voluntary readers are occasional readers. Over time, these unique groups add up to a readership size about three times greater than the print run.
    On average, every minute of every business day someone is picking up a Community News and reading the advertisements, helping our advertisers grow their business 24/7.
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