America, the great

America, the great

By Russ Patton

Enough of “make America great again.” America is great, has been great, and will always be great. In the real America, tourism trumps terrorism. Have any doubts? Hit the road in an RV and find out. Or ask any immigrant. They come here to work and be free, just like our ancestors. We enjoy the benefits of our predecessors’ hard work. We are the “deplorables,” the ones who work hard, fix things, pay taxes, support our local communities and still contribute more to the needy than any country in the world.

Americans across the country open their arms to welcome visitors and show off their communities and natural resources. They say the millennials tend to invest more in experiences than spend money for things. What better adventure than exploring America in an RV. See why the great middle should be referred to as the “stopover” zone rather than the “flyover” zone. RV sales and rentals are breaking all records. 2017 is the 100th anniversary of our National Parks; unfortunately, this means plan early!

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