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Bank Of Old Monroe Tributes Banks Time Tested Success to Team

Consistency breeds trust, trust builds relationships and relationships drive thriving community banks across Missouri. Practicing these principles for over 111 years has led the Bank of Old Monroe, their team of employees and customers to premier performance as most recently noted in the Missouri Bank Performance Report.

“Strong relationships are the cornerstone of success in community banking, at the Bank of Old Monroe, our desire is to be a community bank that meets our customers’ needs at whatever stage they are at in their lives,” said, Darrell Harke, President and CEO.

The Bank of Old Monroe’s most recent accolade is being ranked #1 in overall performance in the third quarter on the Missouri Bank Performance Report. “While this is a milestone and an honor, we contribute our overall success to our board, outstanding team members and the communities that support our banks,” said Dale McDonald, EVP/CFO.    

One hundred and eleven years ago, a few farmers and local businessmen with a vision for agricultural growth and development started the Bank of Old Monroe. Today, the bank has five locations serving Lincoln and St. Charles counties and total assets of over $340 million. 

A powerful tool for community bank customers is the fact that employees are empowered to be decision makers.  Answers to questions in all facets of banking are found in a quick call or walk down the hallway at any of the Bank of Old Monroe locations. 

Community banks like the Bank of Old Monroe are a critical source of lending for farms and small businesses, but the bank also offers a wide range of banking services and products designed to meet the needs of consumers and businesses who want to bank anytime, anywhere with electronic banking.  Strong boards are the backbone of high performing community banks and as such are generally made up of local citizens who want to advance the interests of the communities they serve. 

“I am proud to have served on the board of the Bank of Old Monroe for more than thirty-five years. Our board is intricately involved in the decision making process and we are committed to growing the communities we serve and in which we reside,” said Dave Molitor, Chairman of the Board.”

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Cutline: Dale McDonald, EVP/CFO;  Dave Molitor, Chairman of the Board; Darrell Harke, President and CEO