Improving local parks
Castlepoint Park gets upgrades thanks to an anonymous $10,000 donation
By Charlotte Beard

The St. Louis County Parks Foundation, under President Mark Ohlendorf, has added to the improvement of Castlepoint Park located at 2465 Baroness Drive in St. Louis. With the help of an anonymous $10,000 donation and in collaboration with the St. Louis County Parks Department, as of early June 2018, the neighborhood park now enjoys a new splash pad. Tom Ott, Assistant Director for the department shared that the area was previously all asphalt with a concrete circle.

Susan Poling, Planning Manager for the department stated, “This was refurbished with funds from an anonymous donor.” He is very supportive of children’s activities.”

The splash pad is open daily from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. under seasonal operations from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend. It operates on a timer that is activated by stepping on the activation pad.

The upgrade consisted of reconstructing the former area due to a previous drainage issue.

“We had our own carpentry firm that came in and did all the concrete flat work and our plumber did the installation of the new apparatus, stated Ott. “The donor bought the fountain, all the apparatus, and he will pay for all the plumbing.”

Ott shared that the project began this past spring 2018.

“The old spray fountain was just a sand pipe that was about six feet tall. It got vandalized. So, we cut it off at the ground level, put a cap on it and drilled some holes in it.”

Ott explained that the old sand pipe sprayed an umbrella of water in the air but that the new splash pad can allow 10 – 15 kids to get wet at one time.
“These [splash pads] are popular,” stated Ott. “We have about 10 of these throughout our park system. We have one over at Creve Coeur Park, Tilles, and there are some other ones. They’re a little bit larger as well. This is a nice size for a neighborhood park.”

Ott shared that Castlepoint Park is about five acres.

Sources state that the Castlepoint Park will also serve as the location for the Community Affair and Sports event on Saturday, July 28 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. The event will provide job resources and fun involvement in games such as tug-of-war, flag football, dodge ball, and a three-on-three basketball tournament.
The event is being hosted in collaboration with the Castlepoint Neighborhood Association, Community Action Agency – Teen Advocacy, St. Louis County Parks, the Metro Fire Department – St. Louis County First Precinct, and Keeping It Real Youth Outreach.

For more information about participating or volunteering for Castlepoint’s Community Affair and Sports event visit:

CUTLINE: Photos by Charlotte Beard The St. Louis County Parks Foundation has added to the improvement of Castlepoint Park, located at 2465 Baroness Drive in St. Louis, with a new splash pad.