Creve Coeur Park Soccer Complex

The new kick in town

The Creve Coeur Park Soccer Complex recently opened as one of the largest turf soccer facilities in the country

By Charlotte Beard

In February 2018, Creve Coeur became the home of one of the largest turf soccer facilities in the country located at 2350 Creve Coeur Mill Road. The Creve Coeur Park Soccer Complex, constructed by the Paric Corporation in collaboration for its design with St. Louis County Parks, broke ground in April 2017. The Real STL Club was the first to hold its soccer tournament at the complex the beginning of March 2018.

The $13.8 million facility, funded by the St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission, has a very impressive layout. The complex which seats up to 500 spectators, has fields that consist of three quads and one championship field. Each of the quads consist of four separate turfs. Mike Hayes, Operations Manager for Creve Coeur Park Soccer Complex with St. Louis County Parks, shared other additions to the existing fields.

“In addition to those 13-full-sized artificial turf soccer fields, we will have two smaller youth-size grass fields. The grass fields [we estimate to be ready] in August 2018. Eleven of the full-size turf fields are lighted so they can be used at night time.”

The complex has two concessions and restroom buildings that are located east and west of the entrances to the complex alongside each quad. The Central Village area of the complex, which is center to the location of the quads and championship field, houses a main concessions and restroom building, a second men’s and women’s restroom building, a vendor greenspace and a concrete patio and plaza area that displays soccer-themed sculptures and a central monument sign.

“A lot of the events that come in typically bring different vendors whether it be a t-shirt vendor, a soccer shoe provider, or snow cone provider,” shared Hayes. “In [the] vendor pad area there is plenty space for them to set up shop with electricity to plug in [as needed].”

There are two entrances and exits along Creve Coeur Mill Road with access to ample lighted parking.  Parking consists of 1,206 paved parking spots and 300 overflow grass spots.

“Five or six clubs will be here renting all the time during the soccer seasons, in the spring, fall and through the winter time. The idea is that this would be a park for a lot of teams to take advantage. So far, we have been able to see that with a variety of teams here every night. It’s neat to see all these concessions open and [from] every field [filled with] different clubs and boys and girls of different ages [they come together] at the same concession stand and hang out together instead of being just the same entity [at] their own facility. It brings the soccer community together as a whole,” Hayes said.

Hayes shared some of the vision for the complex beyond the soccer-playing community.

“Also, we’re in the developmental stages for trying to design a program with our partners for disadvantaged youth to be able to take advantage of this beautiful facility as well. One of the things that excited me about this project was that it’s not just a soccer project, to me it’s an overall park improvement. All the users that jog and walk around Creve Coeur Park Soccer Complex [can] take advantage of [the concessions]. Also, [because] of this project we added significantly more running and jogging trail to the park; it runs right by the complex and it connects to the [Creve Coeur] lake. We’re excited about this project for our whole region,” he said.

Currently, the complex hosts training for five soccer clubs Mondays through Thursdays: St. Louis Scott Gallagher, Sporting J.B. Marine, AFA Fillies, Norco, and Missouri Rush. Additionally, the St. Louis Youth Soccer Association is a league that that plays at the complex. The complex is especially proud to have the opportunity of hosting the Missouri Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) State Cup in this coming June. The State Cup will include more than 264 games over two weekends with players ranging from U-13 to U-19 boys and U-13, U-14, and U-19 girls. The players will be competing for state championship titles and an opportunity to move on to play in the U.S. Youth Soccer championship series. The complex expects to host more than 17 tournament weekends in 2018. 

Hayes said, “The size of our facility…it makes it one of the largest turf soccer facilities in the country. So, that will make us very appealing to host a tournament with a local club and draw in regional teams from the surrounding states. There will be a lot of teams that come in that stay in St. Louis and St. Louis County to play in our facility. We are actively bidding on the 2021 U.S. Midwest Regional Championship. That is an event that draws in the eight states that fill out the Midwest region in youth soccer; it will be a week-long event. It would bring in [approximately] 10,000 hotel room nights throughout the [St. Louis] area.”

In addition to soccer, the complex is open to rental for other sports such as lacrosse, flag football and ultimate frisbee. Rental of the field is by reservation only. For more information and rental inquiries please go to and look under FIELD RENTALS.

“The project enables our region to meet the need locally for all the various soccer clubs and yet at the same time it opens the door for us to be a real competitor regionally and nationally going forward,” said Hayes.