O’Fallon Family Eyecare Focuses on Dry Eyes


O’Fallon Family Eyecare focuses on dry eyes

By Mark McFarland

Located in O’Fallon, Dr. Joe Hegyi and O’Fallon Family Eyecare have been focusing on a procedure to help give an immediate effect on dry eyes.

The procedure is MiBoFlo, which focuses on smoothing out and melting the thick layers of dry oils on patient’s eye lids. Hegyi said other treatments could take six to eight weeks for patients to see results.

“MoBoFlo has an immediate effect,” Hegyi said. “Other treatments patients have to do several things at one time and it might not feel effects for a while.”

Other practices and treatments cause patients to take multiple supplements at the same time and could cost the patient hundreds of dollars

Hegyi typically recommends three treatments for patients with mild to moderate dry eyes. Hegyi said dry eyes are caused by the layers of oils on the eye lids building up and becoming thick.

MoBoFlo is a spa like treatment for the eyes, which helps massage and focus on the built up oils on the eye lids.  The controlled temperature of the procedures melt the layers of oils on the eye lids and smooths them out.

Hegyi said he has a focus in dry eyes in his practice and found MoBoFlo through keeping up with the times and looking at different procedures and the technologies.

CUTLINE: Photo by Ray Rockwell Dr. Joe Hegyi with O’Fallon Family Eyecare.