RV Equals Family Recreation

The RV industry is returning to its roots.  Smaller, lighter travel trailers which can be pulled by todays downsized SUV, vans and pickups are very popular.  Tiny, but creatively designed, these mini trailers can feature bathrooms, kitchens, A/C, furnaces and sleeping for two-to-four people. Incredible!

 At the spur of the moment you can hook up and go.  Where?  Anywhere you can drive for a week or a weekend.  Affordable?  About $10,000-$15,000 which should fit into a budget at about $125 – $150 per month.

And, of course, this is only the beginning.  As you learn to enjoy the escapist lifestyle, your comfort level may entice you to seek more space and amenities. A larger travel trailer or fifth wheel can double or triple your living space with slide-out rooms and private sleeping areas.   

A few people will eventually gravitate to the “extreme” RVs as seen on TV, at campgrounds or on our lot.  Some full-timer RVs are so large that it seems like your first tiny trailer could fit in their storage compartment! 

What’s it all about, this RV phenomenon?  Until you look inside one, you have no idea.  Take a peek.  Come see us at Byerly RV on I44 in Eureka.  Check us out first at byerlyrv.com or Facebook.  Byerly, the center of the RV world. 636-938-2000.

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