Supporting mothers and fathers makes better families

Supporting mothers and fathers makes better families
By Halbert Sullivan
For 20 years, Fathers’ Support Center has worked on behalf of St. Louis children by addressing one of the core issues that many economically challenged families face – absentee fathers.
As they become better parents, they also become contributing members of our community and, above all, their children have a greater likelihood of success in school and beyond. We break the cycle of poverty, child neglect and abuse and welfare dependence by addressing the problem at an important nexus – the family relationship.
We produce fathers and, since 2015, mothers prepared to be responsible parents with the financial stability to support their children materially and the parenting skills to support them emotionally and developmentally.
The core program of FSC is our Family Formation Program, a rigorous, six-week, “full immersion” experience for parents. Participants develop parenting skills for nurturing their children’s personal, spiritual and emotional development. Our Moms’ Project is incorporated into the Family Formation Program and designed to help custodial and non-custodial parents work together to achieve positive results for their children. Graduates receive supportive services for at least one year following completion. Participants in the Family Formation Program may also receive legal services in the areas of child support modifications, legal visitation and child custody issues

Employment/Mentoring is available to participants in the Family Formation Program. The focus is on developing job readiness/retention skills and job placement. Also, FSC provides training and employment services for reentering offenders, preparing them for in-demand employment.

The Youth Leadership & Development program encourages young people to become responsible citizens, avoiding high-risk behaviors such as gang involvement, drug/alcohol abuse, and unhealthy relationships while setting and pursuing educational and careers goals.

FSC offers services at four convenient locations. The Prince Hall facility on North Newstead Avenue in the Penrose Neighborhood is the headquarters. The Met Center in Wellston offers convenient access by Metro link. Our offices in the Ferguson-Dellwood Community Resource Center, located at Stein and West Florissant Avenue in Ferguson, serves our North County residents. Our newest location in South St. Louis City is located in the Guardian Angels Settlement Association center at 2700 Cherokee Street offers easy access to our south city and county neighbors.

For more information about our programs, please call Fathers Support Center at 314-333-4170, and we will be happy to direct you to information and services.

Halbert Sullivan is the Founding President/CEO of Fathers’ Support Center St. Louis (FSC). FSC is recognized nationally as an authority on father involvement. Sullivan is a recipient of the “Martin Luther King Jr. Award” presented by St. Louis University and the Urban League, “Distinguished Alumni Award” presented by the Brown School of Social Work at Washington University. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Fontbonne University and a Certificate for Business Management and a Master of Social Work from the Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis.